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1 – 100 emp.

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Switzerland is a unique innovation ecosystem for food and nutrition which includes globally leading multi-national companies, and world class scientific institutions, and a very strong start-up ecosystem. This makes it the perfect breeding ground for innovative solutions that can address global nutrition and sustainability challenges, from farm to fork, in a way that is good for the people and the planet.

Stefan Palzer

Nestlé CTO

The Swiss food ecosystem has so much to offer – profound research, excellent innovative food companies, great chefs to create menus, and intelligent people who don’t only care about our planet but are actually willing to take action to protect it.

Carole Ackerman

President of the EHL Foundation and Holding

Switzerland is the ideal laboratory for healthy and sustainable food. We already have a rich ecosystem of startups, SMEs and multinationals in the fields of biotech and foodtech specifically.

Martin Vetterli

EPFL President

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