Food Quality & Process Internship


Company: ProSeed Ingredients SA
Location: Valais, Switzerland
Duration: At least 4 months
Hiring rate: full time
Application Deadline: When we’ve found the ideal teammate.

People who like food & beer! ProSeed is a startup dedicated to revolutionizing the utilization of Brewer’s Spent Grain (BSG), a byproduct generated by breweries in the beer production process. Our mission: bridge the gap between breweries and food ingredient manufacturers. ProSeed is developing an innovative technology to transform BSG into high-value raw materials that we call Barley Flakes. We create a reliable source of domestic, cost-effective, and high-quality materials, contributing to a more sustainable future. Today, our main priorities are to set up a pilot production facility and open up the barley flakes market.

In the coming months, ProSeed is embarking on a transformative journey, we’ll get our hands dirty! Collaborating closely with Mateo, CTO, you will spearhead the setup of our new production line. As equipment arrives in the next few months, your hands-on approach will be crucial in ensuring a seamless integration. You’ll play a key role in constructing our quality ecosystem, implementing protocols, and refining processes. Through continuous testing, measurement, and iterative improvement, you’ll contribute to our success story, turning vision into reality.

Pilot Facility Setup and Optimization: Support and assist the team to set up and optimize our pilot production facility. Contribute to equipment assembly, testing, and workflow development for efficient operations.
Quality Control and Assurance Systems Implementation: Collaborate with the CTO to establish QC and QA systems of the pilot facility, ensuring consistent production of high-quality Barley Flakes.
Pilot Facility Production and Operation: Actively engage in pilot line production, operating equipment, and ensuring smooth processes. Monitor Barley Flakes production, making real-time adjustments for efficiency.
Documentation and Reporting: Maintain detailed records of facility setup, testing, and optimization. Generate regular reports summarizing key findings, challenges, and proposed solutions for discussions with the team.

At ProSeed, we value passion, curiosity, and a genuine desire to contribute to our mission. A background and strong interest in food process engineering is crucial to thrive in our mission. We prioritize individuals who are excited about the job and are eager to learn and grow. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and we want to hear your unique story. Our focus is on building a team that is not just meeting a list of high-level requirements but is genuinely aligned with our vision and values. Join us, and let’s create a meaningful impact together!

Hands-on experience in a foodtech startup environment.
Flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely
Fair pay, tailored to the level of commitment and the individual’s current situation
Opportunity to work closely with dedicated founders and industry experts.
Exposure to various aspects of business development, operations, and strategic planning.
Potential for a full-time position based on performance and company growth.

Step 1: Share with us your CV or LinkedIn profile — whatever you think represents you best
Step 2: Please don’t send a cover letter. Instead, please include a brief statement that answers the following questions:
• Why are you the ideal candidate for this position?
• Realistic start date, end date, and number of hours/week

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